Visiting hotels in addition to the necessity for relaxation, visitors also need many other convenient services. Therefore, when coming to Hanoi Larosa Hotel, it will give guests the best experience with the best service. Here’s what Larosa has to offer

1. Airport Transfers

One of the amazing amenities that visitors to the Hanoi Larosa Hotel may take advantage of is the airport shuttle service. This service aims to give customers the most comfortable and convenient experience possible by making sure that the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back happens safely and smoothly.

By making advance arrangements with the Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s front desk or via the hotel’s internet platforms, guests can conveniently schedule airport transfers. Customers will supply information about the time and specifics of their flight when making a reservation, allowing the shuttle personnel to plan a suitable time to see them at the airport.


Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s professional driver team will ensure that guests are picked up on time according to the pre-arranged schedule. They will be knowledgeable about local traffic and capable of serving customers in a professional and friendly manner, making the journey from the airport to the hotel convenient and pleasant.

Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s airport shuttle service does not only stop at picking up passengers at the airport but also includes assisting customers with related procedures such as luggage and transportation in the airport. This helps customers feel comfortable and secure from the stage of welcoming to the stage of welcoming at the hotel.

Airport shuttle service is not only a common convenience but also an important part of providing the best accommodation experience for guests while demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction.

2. Meeting room services

Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s meeting room service is a highlight in the list of amenities that you can enjoy while staying at this hotel. With ample space, facilities, and professional services, the meeting room at Hanoi Larosa Hotel is not only an ideal place to hold meetings and seminars but also an ideal venue for other important events such as conferences, parties and parties.

The Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s meeting rooms are all flexiblely constructed to accommodate a range of client needs. Modern devices such as projectors, large screens, hi-fi audio, and high-speed internet connections are available, making presentation and communication easier and more efficient than ever.


In addition, the catering staff of Hanoi Larosa Hotel is always happy to support customers from the preparation for the event to the provision of high-quality culinary services. The client can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of to ensure the success of the meeting or event. 

In addition, the convenient location of the Hanoi Larosa Hotel is also a great advantage when choosing meeting room services here. Customers are easily accessible from the central areas of the city as well as other important destinations in the area, making the event more convenient and easy to organize.

In summary, the meeting room service at Hanoi Larosa Hotel is not only an ideal place to organize professional events but also an ideal destination for those who are looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and professional space to promote the development and success of their work.

4. Spa services

The Spa Service at Hanoi Larosa Hotel is the ideal destination for those who are looking for a great relaxing and beautifying experience in a luxurious and peaceful space. With a wide range of professional skin treatments and treatments, Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s Spa service not only helps customers reduce stress but also refreshes and beautifies both body and soul.

Guests are welcomed into a meditative, quiet, and elegant space as they enter the hotel’s Spa treatment rooms. Dedicated and knowledgeable customer care staff will create a personalized experience, from selecting the most appropriate therapy for each customer’s specific needs to creating the most favorable conditions for them to relax and enjoy.

The treatments at Hanoi Larosa Hotel Spa service include a wide range of massage treatments, skin treatments, beauty treatments, and body restorative therapies. From traditional massage to modern massage methods such as Shiatsu and Thai, customers can choose the most suitable therapy to reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve overall health.

In addition, the skin care service at Spa is also designed to provide customers with youthful, bright, and healthy skin. With deep cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing treatments, customers will notice a noticeable skin change after each treatment.

Hanoi Larosa Hotel is not only a place to relieve stress and refresh the body but also a holistic relaxation and beauty experience. With a luxurious space, professional staff, and diverse skin and body treatments, customers will find satisfaction and a sense of relaxation when undergoing this service.

4. Gym services

The gym service at Hanoi Larosa Hotel is one of the list of facilities that customers can enjoy while staying at this hotel. With the goal of providing the most comfortable and effective training experience for customers, Hanoi Larosa Hotel’s gym is equipped with modern equipment and spacious space to serve the diverse training needs of everyone.

The gym space of Hanoi Larosa Hotel is also designed to ensure the comfort and safety of people when training. With modern equipment such as treadmills, pedal machines, multi-purpose exercise machines, and other training equipment, customers are qualified to perform the exercises in the most effective and comfortable way.

The gym service at Hanoi Larosa Hotel is not only a place for training but also an important part of providing the best stay experience for customers. With ample space, modern equipment and the support of professional coaches, guests will get a full and effective training experience when staying at this hotel.

Above is one of the countless services that Larosa brings to you. There are still services that we need to list here, and they are a lot. If you have a desire to find out, do not hesitate to call the hotline 09243 747 1155 for advices and answers as well as hotel reservations. Please contact Hanoi Larosa Hotel!


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