The weekend is an opportunity for you to relax after a busy week of studying and working hard, if you don’t know where to go on the weekend, let Hanoi Larosa Hotel help you! Let’s find out some interesting fun places worth experiencing below! 

1. St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

If Saigon is famous for its ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, Hanoi is also famous for its hundred-year-old Cathedral. Coming to this place, visitors will admire typical medieval European Gothic architecture, and learn the history of the formation and development of the church. 


Hanoi Cathedral is located at 40 Chung House, Hoan Kiem District, right at the intersection of 3 major streets: Church, Ly Quoc Su, and Chung House. The Cathedral is officially known as St. Joseph’s Cathedral, which is the oldest historical Catholic church in Hanoi.

The church area is always a place where Ha Thanh youth prefer to date on weekends because it is very easy to find a lemon tea shop or a restaurant with authentic Hanoi dishes, everything is easily found in just one note. 

2. Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

It is a name that is no longer too strange to the Ha Thanh people. Hoan Kiem Lake walking street has a legendary beauty in the heart of Hanoi. Entering this walking “paradise”, you will get lost in a colorful and exciting world during your trip to Hanoi. At every step by Hoan Kiem Lake/Sword Lake, you are immersed in the story in the sparkling pages of history.

Coming to Sword Lake Walking Street, visitors will experience a unique cultural space, depositing history through every step. In particular, this place welcomes visitors with memorable moments, motivating you to discover more interesting things here. The capital is a cultural treasure full of historical relics, so visiting famous landmarks is an opportunity not to be missed at Hanoi Walking Street, for you to discover a vivid image of the city’s past and unique cultural quintessence. 

Some famous relics can be mentioned such as the legendary Hoa Phong Tower and The Huc Dong Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple, and Ba Kieu Temple that take you into the myth of the nation. 

In particular, do not forget to discover the secrets of the past at the Vietnam National Museum of History, listen to the diverse cultural life at the Hanoi Opera House… Across the streets in the walking street area, especially around Sword Lake, street music constantly brings colorful and attractive performances. 

From romantic melodies to passionate Latin American rhythms, along with skilled dances from unique performing arts groups, you will be caught up in the endless musical space. In addition to traditional repertoire such as xam singing and amateurs singing, there are also surprises from the international Sword Lake Walking Street music repertoire, making the walking street space diverse.

3. Ta Hien Street

Saigon has Bui Vien Street, Hue has Pham Ngu Lao night street, and Hanoi has “Sleepless Street” Ta Hien. Ta Hien Street is where visitors discover the bustling and bustling Ha Thanh life at night. This is not only a meeting point for young people but also a “gathering point” loved by both Western and Vietnamese guests. Ta Hien Street is considered a cross between the nostalgia of Trang An land and the modernity of Hanoi today. 

If you explore this neighborhood from day to night, you will feel the two opposite extremes. By day, Ta Hien is as full of nostalgia, peace, and antiquity as any other street in Hanoi. At night, Ta Hien seemed to “molt” when the shops began to light up, tables and chairs were laid out all over the street and people came to him like a festival. 

The noisy night can last until 1-2 am. On weekends, the more visitors come here, the more they create a very unique atmosphere of Ha Thanh that does not sleep. 

4. West Lake 

West Lake is not only a cultural and natural symbol of Hanoi but also an attractive tourist destination with many activities such as duck biking, sup paddling, water park, visiting ancient villages, exploring culture… 

West Lake is known as one of the extremely attractive rendezvous points in the Capital with beautiful scenery, romantic space, and many fun and entertainment activities. West Lake has a very fun service and you cannot miss the duck pedal boat. 

The duck pedaling service in West Lake always attracts a large number of people and visitors thanks to its large space and beautiful natural surroundings. Couples, groups of friends and families can both pedal the duck and relax, enjoy the cool, airy atmosphere, and watch the beautiful natural scenery, it’s interesting, isn’t it? 

Trinh Cong Son Walking Street is one of four Hanoi walking streets in operation. This street honors musician Trinh Cong Son through the display of artworks related to him. Both the road as well as the pavilions are designed in ancient architecture, creating a unique space, and giving visitors a memorable experience when walking and visiting. Although it is only about 900m long, this place has countless beautiful angles for visitors to check in to the extreme virtual life such as umbrellas, fountains, and art paintings on the road… 

5. Ly Thai To Garden & Emperor Ly Thai To Monument Statue

Ly Thai To Monument is a place to exchange and date, an interesting destination for everyone, a lot of people every afternoon come here to exercise, and young people roller skate or dance. Located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoang Kiem District, Hanoi City. 

The campus of King Ly Thai To’s monument has a very prominent location in the heart of the Capital, located next to Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple Relic. Thanks to its proximity to Sword Lake, the flower garden always welcomes cool breezes, creating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. 

For the people of the Capital, the flower garden is not only a fun gathering point but also preserves the heroic historical anecdotes of the nation. With an airy and cool space, Ly Thai To Flower Garden has become a place for walking, relaxing, and entertaining many people in Ha Thanh. Therefore, this place is often chosen as the venue for cultural events in the Capital. Not only that, people in the city also love the green space in the flower garden, and often come here to exercise, chat, play,… 

In the flower garden, there are many trees, especially large old trees, covering an entire yard. Therefore, this place is an ideal place for old people to sit and relax, young couples to go for a walk or young people to have fun. Ly Thai To Flower Garden is like a miniature park when every afternoon, with many extremely exciting activities such as tricycling, electric cars, skateboarding, patin, and hip-hop dance gatherings…. 

Coming to this flower garden, visitors will be able to relax in the spacious atmosphere of the large square facing the lake, surrounded by the green of the trees… 

6. Dinh Le Book Street 

If you are a book enthusiast, you certainly cannot help but know Dinh Le Book Street – a place to relax and “live virtually” every weekend of Ha Thanh youth. Dinh Le Street is likened to the “knowledge paradise” of Ha Thanh. In this Hanoi tourist destination, you can find thousands of rich and diverse books. 

In addition, book lovers can also meet and exchange conversations with domestic and foreign authors. Dinh Le Street is home to many bookstores with diverse designs, from simple colors, and modern architecture to vintage spaces. This is the place to check in “real clams” of Ha Thanh young people. In addition to bookstores, you can also go to the small square in the middle of Dinh Le Street or walk under the green trees. 



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