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Standards and service quality in the hotel industry are considered important factors in creating customer satisfaction. Feedback from customers provides valuable information about various aspects of hotel service, such as room quality, staff attitudes, food and beverages, and customer support services. Hanoi Larosa Hotel consistently receives positive feedback and is highly rated for its service quality by customers. This includes all aspects ranging from clean and well-equipped rooms, friendly and enthusiastic staff, to dedicated customer support and care services.

Below is a detailed and sincere review by Wilbert Lim about his experience at Hanoi Larosa Hotel:

The hotel is located in a neighborhood where the locals does business selling stuff like cooking wares displayed outside of the stores on the sidewalk, basic industrial tools, some massage and spa parlors, small restaurants cooking Vietnamese street foods and the like, etc…
Rated 3 stars by the tourism authorities, The rooms are good with sufficient space, the bathroom is also basic and o.k. with good water pressure on both hot and cold. The A/C has warm setting as well as cold settings. The bed, pillows and linens are comfortable too sleep on.
Stayed at room 408, there is sufficient space to move around but the bathroom space is a bit tight. Room comes with basic amenities like slippers and shampoo/ body gels.
There’s this front desk receptionist named Anh who is very helpful. She assisted us in booking a big cab in behalf of us and goes over board to explain to us the information we needed to know on how to get back from our destination to the hotel. So, thankful to her.
On the breakfast served daily at the 11th floor, there’s still more room for improvement especially on the food which is most of the time no longer warm while sitting in the chaffing dishes early in the morning. Their brewed coffee is almost always not hot enough to be satisfying but their helpful staff is quick to reheat them when requested. Overall, the food served during breakfast is generally good, balanced with fresh fruits and vegetables. House keeping staff and the bell boy are also helpful.
Hanoi Larosa Hotel always listens to and values customer feedback to build trust and establish long-term relationships with customers. We genuinely acknowledge both positive and dissatisfied comments as factors that help our business continuously evolve and improve the quality of our products and services every day. Join us at Hanoi Larosa Hotel today and let’s together continue our mission of building a better life.


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